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Investment for sustainability

Find out about the investments available for the climate transition.

Climate transition

Investment in climate action is essential to accelerate the transition of ecosystems and society to levels of greater climate resilience and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

The funds available to meet this challenge are very significant, with a major impact on our country's development.

Environmental Fund

The main financing instrument for environmental policy and climate action in Portugal is the Environmental Fund. Among its responsibilities, it participates in the Recovery and Resilience Plan, as an intermediary in the launch of notices for applications related to climate action.

The Environmental Fund, in addition to opening notices for applications for certain objectives such as + Sustainable Buildings, also directly supports specific measures such as the Public Transport Fare Reduction Support Program.

Investment for action

Various sources of funding are available to public and private entities to promote climate change adaptation and mitigation. Some of these funding sources are managed by national, European and international authorities.